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from our tenants

I moved into my home in February of 2016 and my first surprise was how impressed I was at the cleanliness and how homely the place felt. Lucy, Laura, and the team bring their own style to the homes they rent and have very high standards when it comes to the safety and wellbeing of their tenants. Plus, to have a regular cleaner come in each week to give the communal areas a clean is wonderful although as a household we try keep it clean ourselves and although various housemates have come and gone this last five years, I still consider them all friends and enjoyed the time they were here.

LEA try give you the freedom a lot of property agents do not but are always available if anything breaks or goes wrong. From something trivial like the toaster breaking to a major issue of a boiler breaking. Both were replaced very quickly. I have heard bad reports from other tenants about their experiences at other locations and agencies, but I feel lucky to have found a place I call home and to feel secure at the way LEA look after it.

Thank you.

Phillip Killen - Tenant from February 2016 - Current

I've had the wonderful opportunity to stay in a property managed by LEA Property Solutions. Emma, Laura, Lucy & Simon have been amazing throughout the journey. Not only are the properties well looked after but they invest time into making sure that tenants, landlords and the stay in the properties are up to their standards and well looked after in the best way they can.. 
From keeping in touch with tenants and making sure that everything is running smoothly, running awesome competitions to keep everyone's spirits up, encouraging people to connect with each other creating a friendly platform for anyone who is new to an area, to even helping in every way possible during the covid times ensuring that all tenants are OK, being careful, safe and are looking out for each other. 
The properties themselves are exquisite! Including the one I stay in (which I absolutely love!) I've looked at the website and social media pages and it is honestly so wonderful to see how much effort is put in to each property ensuring that each one is up to the highest standards, quality and gorgeous decor unique to each property. I love being a resident here and I'm so grateful for being part of the LEA community.

Juno - Tenant from March 2020 - current

I have had a very positive experience with LEA Properties, I have been in one of their properties for a week and I have been very happy. I moved into a property in a very weird time in the world of Corona Virus, but I was made to feel very comfortable and the whole process from the start to moving in was very well executed. I am very happy with the property I have moved in too, it is very well kept and clean, and I have been made to feel very welcome. LEA have made the process quite seamless and I know exactly where to go if I had any complaints or concerns. Overall a very positive experience.

Amber - Tenant from January 2021 - current

I lived at Field View - a stunning property in the picturesque Suffolk countryside. 
The room was excellent value for money & the cleanliness of the property was well maintained by LEA. 
If you’re happy to being added to the house group chat it is an excellent idea for settling in to the property. I made some lifelong friends from my time in the house. 
There are some beautiful walking routes (with a great pub at the end like The Fountain!)
If you communicate any needs/requirements to the LEA team they’re quick to respond & diplomatically handle situations.

One of our Field View Tenant's from November 2019 – August 2020

LEA Property Solutions specifically Laura & Lucy, provided me with professional, quick and friendly service when it came to finding a young professional household in Ipswich. Always so considerate of the tenants needs, quick to respond to enquiries and sort out any issues. I would highly recommend LEA property solutions, exceptionally well maintained properties, quick & friendly service and you get to live with some pretty great people along the way

Daniel Cooley - Tenant from June 2016 – September 2018

Thank you for an excellent experience, you made the moving process simple and it is clear you care about your tenant experience. The house was maintained to a high standard and all housemates were friendly and accommodating, I certainly enjoyed my experience with LEA and would absolutely recommend you and your properties.

Henry Jefferson - Tenant from October 2020 – January 2021

LEA have been very sufficient and helpful. The move in/out process is very straightforward with plenty of information given before hand. I would highly recommend :)

Erica De Oliveria tenant in Brooks Hall Road September 2019 – March 2020 then Kitchener Road 2 from March 2020 – current

I was a tenant for just over a year. I found the whole process smooth and hassle free. Friendly staff. Deposit return was really quick and very simple. I would recommend LEA property solutions or may use them again in the future!

Lucy Komisarjevsky - Tenant in Duke Street June 2019 – August 2020

I honestly couldn’t recommend LEA more I moved into relocating over 3 hours from home, LEA were always at the end of the phone and sorted any issues I had super quick. Sadly i had to leave the property and contract early, however LEA helped me to fill the room and were super supportive of all I was experiencing! A really nice group of people. Thank you so much!

Maddie Gainsford - Tenant in Merivale July 2020 – December 2020

Agents were all super friendly, helpful and contactable at all times. The moving in and out process was seamless and they quickly worked to resolve any house issues. Would highly recommend.

Katie Maas - Tenant in Lacey Street from September 2020 – February 2021

I used to live in one of the Lea Property Solutions house share. This is a really trusty agency. The house was well furnished, when there’s a trouble in the house, something missing any problem at all in the house Lucy was always available to help us quickly.
If you come from another country (like me from France) there’s no trouble to set the rental process. I’ve done it from France, when I arrived in Ipswich everything’s was as planned as stated in the contract.  

Pierre Geslot - Tenant in Fore Street from January 2012 – October 2012

Having lived in rental accommodation since University, this is the first time that I have found a property so well maintained. Lucy has always seemed very responsive to any of the questions and when issues have arisen with the property for any reason, they have been quickly resolved. Personally I think it makes for a much nicer living environment when you know that if something goes wrong you can call up and know it will be sorted by the time you finish work. Having been unsure of the area, I am really glad I managed to move into one of the properties managed by Lucy as it made my transition here much easier

David Rushmer - Tenant in Back Hamlet from March 2012 - September 2012

Lucy gave me great support in moving from Germany to England on a placement and not being able to view the room in advance. Lucy has always been helpful, supportive and reliable and made sure everyone was feeling comfortable in the managed property. She was always available in case of problems and resolved them as quickly as possible. Lucy was also very helpful when my circumstances changed and I had to move out of the property quickly.

Maike Hoffmann - Tenant in Fore Street from February 2012 - May 2012

The services provided by LEA Property Solutions while I was a short-term tenant were fantastic. Lucy was efficient, friendly and always did her best to try and accommodate your needs, I would not hesitate to rent a property from LEA Property Solutions again!

Ivan King - Tenant in Woodville Road from  June 2013 - September 2013 

Not being from the Ipswich area and needing to move here on a one year work placement i was nervous about finding a decent property. I was very lucky to find such a nice property, with nice housemates all the same age as me and where all the issues in the property were dealt with very swiftly. I would recommend LEA Property Solutions to anyone looking for a property in Ipswich.

Gareth Hunt - Tenant at Cobbold Street from September 2011 - August 2012

Lucy is a fantastic agent. She is very efficient and always actions any problems, as requested, within 24 hours. The property is kept to a very high standard at all times.

Duncan Parnis - Current tenant at Fore Street from December 2011 - July 2012

I have been very happy in the house during my time here. I know that I can always approach Lucy with any issues within the property knowing full well that they will be resolved quickly and efficiently. Throughout my tenancy Lucy has been courteous and sensitive to the needs of the household and takes a personal approach to making sure that all tenants are happy in the property in which they are living.

Emily Desborough - Current Tenant in Brooks Hall Road from November 2010 - 2014/Present

I've lived in one of Lucy's managed properties for more than five years. Having lived in properties before where the management style has been either intrusive or virtually non-existent, Lucy's management style is a breath of fresh air. Utility and appliance safety is rigorously observed, all emergency issues are dealt with swiftly and without fuss, and day to day problems have ALWAYS been solved entirely to my satisfaction. Lucy is a fair and attentive manager, and I can't recommend her highly enough.

Anna Pearce (current tenant in Gatacre Road from May 2008 to July 2014)

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from our landlords

Our company has worked with LEA Property Solutions since the latter part of 2019 when we were setting up an HMO for students. I have found Lucy Lea and all the staff extremely knowledgeable and helpful, going over and above what I was expecting in terms of support and assistance for my business. The team have successfully managed the procurement and sourcing of residents who are right for the home and followed this up with comprehensive management of the property on my behalf. I would not hesitate to recommend LEA Property Solutions to anyone needing any aspect of management services for their property.

Joel Jordan

Hearthstone Properties Ltd

Lucy has been looking after my property since 2009 and she is responsible for the day to day running of the house. She finds new tenants when one leaves and ensures the rooms are left neat and tidy. I have had full occupancy since the beginning. Lucy does a six monthly inspection and then provides the tenants and myself a written report of the findings. She employs a gardener and a cleaner to ensure the property is well maintained. I receive a monthly report of any movements in the house which includes any work that has been done, estimates for works that needs to be done and forwards any cheques to me that need signing. She keeps me fully informed of any problems within the house at all times.

Mrs Kennedy - current landlady since June 2009

Lucy and the team at LEA Property Solutions have been a delight to work with since the very beginning. I currently have 1 HMO property in the Ipswich area which Lucy is responsible for managing and I can’t speak highly enough of the thoughtful and extremely efficient service that not only I but my tenants have received in the first 7 months since going to market. The team really know their stuff when it comes to HMOs and take care of any issues at the property as they arise on a fully managed basis, allowing me to relax and focus on other things. Not only a personal touch to their service but great communication too. Highly recommend!

James Diggins - landlord from August 2020 - present

Lucy Lea has managed my property from February 2012 and I have found her to be thoroughly professional, efficient and effective in every aspect of letting my property.

Mr Jennings - current landlord of Back Hamlet from February 2012

Lea Property Solutions have been an excellent choice, here are some of the reasons why; easy to contact by phone or email, up to date with relevant legislation (health and safety, insurance, referencing) etc, fair to both tenant and landlord, and full occupancy since the beginning. Lucy sends a comprehensive, easy to read monthly report with no jargon to keep us updated on what is happening in the property.

Mr Young - current landlord of Cobbold Street from November 2010

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from our contractors

I have worked alongside LEA Property Solutions for nearly 3 years and it is refreshing to work for a company that is very responsive and has such helpful members of staff. All the LEA properties are always well maintained, well equipped, cleaned regularly and of a high standard throughout.
The tenants are friendly and speak highly of Lucy and her team. I would not hesitate to work with LEA Property Solutions as it is nice to work for such an organised company, and a company that help's their tenants, landlord’s and any trades that may work for them.

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